Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fruits And Vegetables : Five Servings Are Already Enough

British nutritionist in last April said seven servings of fruits and vegetables is key to health, not five servings as outlined in nutrition guideline. However, there is a new statement in the healthy eating arena which states that the famous five servings meal proposal, that was done by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is enough.

Researchers in China and America examine 16 study issues on diet and health which involve over 830,000 participants, that was monitored for the period between four and a half to 26 years.

Scientists discover that every addition of daily servings of fruit and vegetables reduce early risk of death caused by various causes by 5%. 

According to the researcher again, during the study duration, as many as 56,000 participants have passed away. For death that is caused by heart attack or stroke, every extra dish stops the risk by 4%.

According to a survey , published within online journal British Journal (MBJ)Medical, there is no evidence which shows decline in risk rate  for number of meals which exceeds five. 

"We found around five servings of fruits and vegetables in one day, more than that will no longer lower the risk of death rate," said a researcher from Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, headed by Frank Hu.

Studies also found that servings of fruits and vegetables that are high does not translate into reduction that is apparent in the risk of death caused by cancer. 

According to the journal again, other than advising the patient on healthy eating, a doctor needs to try hard to relay message on obesity risk, underactive lifestyle, smoking and drinking excess liquor.

In April, a researcher in London College University found that an intake of seven servings daily or more can reduce risk of cancer by 25% and heart disease by 31% as compared to them that take less than one meal per day. 

The study is based on eating habit of about 65,000 people in England between year 2001 to 2008. 

The London researcher admitted that they were appalled at their discovery and reminded that the mentioned study findings may not be used in other countries. 

WHO guideline is based on five servings equivalent to 80g meal with every serving equivalent to a medium-sized apple, a bowl of mixed salad, or three spoonfull of salad, cooked, canned or frozen.

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